IMVU Peer Review Browser

IMVU Peer Review Browser

What is it?

I’ve created a software tool called the Peer Review Browser. It’s a handy time saving app that automates a lot of the drudgery associated with the IMVU peer review process. It runs on Windows 7, 8 and 10 (and maybe Vista and XP but I haven’t checked). This is NOT a peer review robot, but an interactive tool that enhances and accelerates the peer review process.

window_50Click for a larger screenshot view

Why do I want it?

Allow me to enumerate what’s wrong with Peer Review today:

  • IMVU makes it awkward to do. You have to click web page buttons and wait for 30 seconds before you can submit your review, even if the product is a hairstyle.
  • You have to switch between the web browser and IMVU client repeatedly, and this is awkward on a single monitor.
  • About 99.8% of products in peer review are rated as GA or AP correctly, which incentivizes people to pass everything without paying attention.
  • If you do flag an AP product erroneously rated as GA (about 0.2% of submissions), it will be marked as an Incorrect Review because everyone else passed it.
  • The way PR works in practice makes it awkward to test out product triggers.

What can it do?

The Peer Review Browser improves the process in several ways:

  • Automates button clicks on the peer review web page.
  • Prevents long-loading product pages with offsite content from loading at all.
  • Auto-Submit allows hands-free peer review, while still having the ability to interrupt the process when a questionable product shows up.
  • No more switching between the web browser and the IMVU client. The web browser and IMVU client in a single window.
  • Single-click Minimum Coverage Guideline (MCG) testing
  • Test triggers from a convenient drop-down list instead of typing.
  • When a Recaptcha is encountered, a bicycle horn sound plays (optional), and the Peer Review Browser window will restore from a minimized state.
  • Reviewed products are saved, and can be accessed later via the web.

How do I use it?

To use the Peer Review Browser:

  • Download and Install it.
  • Start up the IMVU client and log in.
  • Run PRB from the desktop icon or Start Menu (depends on your installation choices).
  • The first time, you will need to log into the web browser as well.
  • Sit backĀ and let her rip.
  • For products with triggers, you can issue those from the drop-down menu.
  • If you think a product shouldn’t pass, you can mark it and flag it – it won’t auto-submit if you’re flagging it.
  • If you need more time to review a product, turn off auto-submit temporarily.
  • Enjoy earning 750 promo credits every day!

Where can I get it?

Right here –>> DOWNLOAD

Version Notes:

(0.80) Initial Beta Release

(0.81) Beta bug-fix release
– Fixed inability to resize main window, smoother IMVU window resizing
– Fixed it so IMVU won’t steal focus from other windows when “Show in 3D” is clicked
– Save preferences for main window size and location, splitter position, auto-submit and play-sound.
– Now runs in MSIE 9 emulation instead of MSIE 7 – Captcha is easier to verify and submit now.